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Uyghur Tribunal: Horrific New Testimonies From Concentration Camp Survivors

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A half-dozen Uyghur concentration camp survivors gave testimony to the Uyghur Tribunal over three days, from September 10 to 13, 2021.

Herewith a summary of their testimonies:

Rahima Mohammed Nuri

I worked at a hospital in Hotan city from mid-1999 until the end of 2000. I worked
in the maternity department focusing on abortion operations. About 100 women
came to the hospital for abortions every day. Some of these women came on their
own accord but the majority were referred there by the Family Planning Office.

The fetuses were disposed of in a garbage basket, which was then handled by the

The majority of women who came for abortions were Uyghur, and a small minority
were Han Chinese women. The policies for whom was forced to undertake an
abortion were decided by the Family Planning Office. Many of the women who
came to do the abortion operation were forced to undertake such abortions by
this Office. Each woman was accompanied by a Family Planning Officer, and they
could not refuse to do it. Some women however undertook these abortions
operations voluntarily, to avoid having to pay hefty fines for any children above the allwoed limits.

Read her testimony in full here:

Abdusalam Muhammad

I decided to flee, but I had no chance to escape, and all East Turkestan was under Chinese state control, and there was no possibility of fleeing mainland China or going abroad. I thought myself innocent and I did not commit any crime so I handed myself over to the Chinese police on November 20, 2014, two police officers took me from Urumqi to Hotan.

On November 25, 2014, I underwent a health check-up there, my head was shaved, I was ordered to take off my clothes, and then they took me to the detention center. In detention, I spent about 5-6 months there. I had witnessed many tragic scenarios and tortures; I have seen many people that were carried away in a state close to death. The situation was horrible and so was the food, the soup was very salty and had insects and worms in it.

Han police stood where there was no camera and, they kicked us forcefully at our backs with hatred, we were not allowed to look back, we had to lower our heads; it was worse than the Nazi camps. We had seen Nazi camps in the movies before, they could talk to each other. We were not allowed to talk or whisper to each other or look at one another.

Read his testimony in full here:

Orynbek Koksebek

We were not allowed to speak to other people. If you did you were
put in a small plastic chair with no back. if you lent back you were beaten
from the sides so you have to sit straight. If you broke the rules the
punishment was the tiger chair.

I wanted to commit suicide. The other prisoner explained to me that I
should not try to do so as it is not a good way out of the prison. Once, I even
tried to strangle myself with a shirt in my room, but because there was a
camera in the cell the guards came in and stopped me.

Read his testimony in full here:

Erbakit Otarbay

I was punished several times during my stay in the camps and prisons. Since I did not know what I did wrong, I got into a lot of arguments, and got beaten up several times with an electric baton. I have scars on my head, face, and hands. They often beat me with a stick or electric baton. They do not give you food or drink when you are punished. Sometimes they give you very little food, such as half of a steamed bread.

Sometimes we had to drink the water in the toilet urinal because we had to survive. I was taken to the hospital when I was beaten and passed out. During my stay there, I also underwent appendix surgery.

There were people who have died because of beatings and punishment. There was a Kazakh man named Kosun who was beaten to death. When I was released, I was asked to sign documents not to tell anyone what had happened, and what I had seen and heard there. I was also asked to be quiet, otherwise there will be consequences for my parents, aunts and other relatives who are still living there.

Read his testimony in full here:

Baqitali Nur

The Chinese finished uncountable young guys there. What did the Chinese
do to those young men, no one knew. I forgot the names of a lot of people. I know all the paralyzed and killed young people there and I saw many of them.

There were uncountable beatings in the camp. They brought many young men to the camp everyday with handcuffs and chained to each other. Later in the evening, they would be taken away. Some of them would come back alive, while some others were killed. Some of them would disappear. No one knew where they were taken to. Many people became paralyzed there. The police did whatever they wanted. The detainees did not have any rights there.

My wife was pregnant for 6 months and the fetus was ripped out of her body and she passed out.

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