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Amnesty report: Hearts and Lives Broken:The Nightmare of Uyghur families

by admin - Mar 21, 2021 0 Comment

Amnesty International has issued a report on the situation of Uyghur children forcibly separated from their parents.

Amnesty International has recently spoken extensively to six parents residing in AustraliaCanadaItalythe Netherlands, and Turkey who have been separated from their children. Their testimonies only begin to scratch the surface of the experiences of Uyghur families yearning for reunification with children trapped in China.

The exiled families of Uyghur children held in state “orphanages” in the Chinese region of Xinjiang described the torment of being separated in a new piece of Amnesty International research released today.

“China’s ruthless mass detention campaign in Xinjiang has put separated families in an impossible situation: children are not allowed to leave, but their parents face persecution and arbitrary detention if they attempt to return home to care for them,” said Alkan Akad, Amnesty International’s China Researcher

“Uyghurs overseas often hesitate to publicly talk about human rights abuses against them and their families due to fear of repercussions for their relatives back in China. In spite of such challenges, these parents have decided to publicly share their stories in the hope that it will help them reunite with their children soon,” said Alkan Akad.