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China transforms mosques into dancing centers in Ghulja, Uyghur city, Investigation shows

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China transforms mosques into dancing centers in Ghulja, Uyghur city, Investigation shows

By Tahir Imin Uyghurian, Voice of Uyghur

April 27, 2021


The Chinese government continues to demolish and turn the Mosques into bars, public toilets, dancing centers dnd factories in the Uyghur region.


Voice of Uyghur has identified one of those mosques that the Communist government turned into a dancing center in Ili (Yining)city, Ghulja prefecture of Uyghurland.


The screenshot from the video.

Recently, a few Dou Yin (Chinese version of Tik-Tok) videos show that some Chinese and Uyghurs are dancing in a large and tall space that seems as a mosque came to our attention. In the video, the local Uyghurs are performing the Uyghur dance to Chinese tourists who are trying to imitate the dance moves awkwardly. The pillars, windows, style, space of the construction in the video prompted our suspect.

The person who uploaded the video shared the address of the location of the “dancing center” with Chinese name:喀赞其民俗旅游区(4A

We asked the Uyghurs who came from the area mentioned in the address about the area, address to identify the construction of the suspected “dancing center”.

We Hamit Karim, the owner of Dolan restaurant in Washington DC, who was born and grown up in the Ili (Yining) city told Voice of Uyghur that he used to go to the mosque when he was in the region and Uyghurs call the Mosque ‘Uzbek Mosque “ or Kazanqi “mosque. It is located inside of the Uzbek Neighborhood where it connects to Eden Restaurant (Heremnagh )in the city and there was a big ice cream that connected to the Uzbek community of the city.


the map and address the Douyin account shared on Douyin

According to Hamit and Suleyman, who also told us he used to pray in the mosque, that the mosque was a large one used to host local Muslims for daily prayers, Friday prayers, two Eid prayers.

The video uploaded tagging “伊犁老城喀赞其小北 with the descriptions of “shaking shoulder especially”.


Last year, the New York Times reported that “The authorities have destroyed or significantly damaged thousands of religious sites in Xinjiang in recent years, according to new estimates by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, which analyzed satellite imagery.”

China has been implementing an anti-Islam campaign for the last four years as a part of a large-scale crackdown on Uyghurs which escalated to be a genocide.

The Muslim countries have been kept silent on China’s ongoing genoise of Uyghurs and its open war against Islam by arresting religious leaders, demolishing mosques, burning Qurans, forcing Muslim women to marry Han Chinese men.