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WHO Must Help the Uyghurs in the Concentration Camps and the Prisons in China

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31st Jan 2020
Dear World Health Organisation,
My name is Fatimah Abdulghafur. I am a Uighur from East Turkistan, aka Xinjiang, currently living in Australia.
All members of my direct family  (total 4) in Kashgar, East Turkistan had been illegally detained and put into concentration camps and prison since 2016.
I am not alone, there are at least one – three million Uighurs, Kazakhs, and other Turkic people who are suffering from the same fate as my family. So far, the Chinese government did not open up concentration camps or prisons to the world and let the world evaluate the situation. However, according to the concentration camp survivors, the living conditions in the camps are worse than a normal prison and all sorts of human rights violations are taking place there.
There is no medical assistance or treatment in the concentration camps and we have learned from former concentration camp survivors that most camps are overcrowded, detainees are lack outdoor activities and nutrition, are sleep deprived. These conditions would have an immense negative impact on their immunity and make them vulnerable to any type of pathogen, including 2019nCoV. 
Your organization just announced the Global Health Emergency on the Chinese Corona Virus.  and this means you can send medical professionals to China for the treatment of the virus.
This is a golden opportunity for humanity and the Uighurs to find out what is exactly happening in the concentration camps as more and more Coronavirus cases are being discovered in East Turkistan. China may tell the world truth about the number of people infected outside the camps, but they will never reveal the reality about the camp and prison virus victims.
If the virus has spread to the camps and the prisons in East Turkistan, then not only the world will be ignorant about the situation of the camp and prison victims, but also the medical professionals will not be able to get a real grip of the virus situation.
I have been searching for my family for 4 years but still haven’t gotten any news from them. I am extremely worried about the health and safety after the break of the Coronavirus, but there is no one to help but your organization’s medical arrangements to the camps and the prisons in East Turkistan and assess the situation.
I am willing to provide you with the full personal details of my family.
Please help my family and millions of innocent Uighurs and other victims in this global emergency. We are part of the globe, we deserve to live a safe and sound life.
I’ll be using the social media hashtag #WHO2Uighur to follow up on my petition.
Other hashtags #WHO2Urumchi, #VirusThreatInCamps
Thank you very much!
31st Jan 2020